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Christmas Carnivals » Christmas Adventure » The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

Spend your Christmas nights sneaking under the quilt with a thriller, to stem that sensibility that drives us, at some point in our lives, to fashion ourselves as detectives! Be it the Famous Five, the Three Investigators, or Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, they stimulate our minds and set them ticking.

Christmas Carnivals offers information on The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding.

Agatha Christie uniquely excels in her ability to capture the readers' interest within a couple of the expository paragraphs - an art which she displays with remarkable skill. Although, not one of her bestselling works, The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding is a string of short stories which display the writer's distinctive ability to unite the elegant world of the rich with that of the impoverished or hierarchically deprived. The crime in her short stories is always more readily detected than that in her novels or novellas, but even the shorter versions dazzle us with stark red herrings to enthuse the reader with a fanaticism for turning the leaves of the book time and again, or dog-earing them. However, it deserves mention that although characters

and situations at times appear cliche, the book is still a highly enjoyable read, with the reader's grey cells all awry. Surely, it is the book to read on a winter night with a large cup of hot chocolate by the bedside.

In the beginning, Poirot receives a sinister warning not to have plum pudding. This is succeeded by the discovery of a corpse inside an iron chest and a verbal tussle (although overheard) that leads to a murder. Next comes along a man who altered his food habits and one who foresees his own murder in a dream. All these clues are amazingly tied up by the queen of crime fiction. Put on your thinking caps in an effort to crack the mystery with Christmas Carnivals.

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