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Christmas Pattern Penny Rug

A rug is a carpet of finished edge, particularly one that can move or be moved around. Penny rug is a name given to a folk art chic of appliqué.

Dating from the mid 19th century, they were traditionally made from felted wool, washed to shrink. They were not used on the floor, rather as decorative table rugs or wall hangings.

However, with the passage of time, newer ways and choice patterns have evolved. Find them out with Christmas Carnivals Christmas Pattern Penny Rug.

At a time when fabric was precious 'penny' comes from the coins that were used as templates for the circles. Most of the penny rugs had easy shapes of flowers or animals, usually layered and patterned on the rug with blanket stitch embroidery in contrasting colors. Their simple, primitive style gives them a charm that has continued through the years. The Wondrous Christmas Penny Rug makes you feel like its Christmas already with a flying angel with a golden halo over its head, gliding in the dark blue sky of a winter's night, in obedient pursuit of the Star of Christmas. The initial process of making penny rugs was unique in the sense that almost everything was handmade. With time taking on, a few aspects of the rug making have been taken over by machine primarily because of cost, departure of knowledge etc.

Laze in with your floor covering as well as wall-hanging this year with Christmas CarnivalsChristmas Carnivals Christmas Rugs.

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