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White Christmas Lights

Welcome the lively spirit of Christmas with a wonderful range of Christmas lights that will make your celebrations truly sparkling and joyous.

Christmas Lights come in all colors yet the message that is sent across is of peace and tranquility. The significance of White Christmas Lights is this universal message of peace.

Christmas Lights

There is variety of Christmas Lights like luminous candles, bulbs, cords, rope lighting, pole mounts, foliage etc and types of Christmas lights in the market to choose from. Before going any further it will be a good idea to have a background of the tradition of Christmas with lightings.

Christmas Decorations

Since middle ages the tradition of decorating the Christmas trees with candles held within glass cups and lanterns was popular. It is believed that decorating the Christmas tree symbolized hope, faith and optimism in the cold dark winters.

A legion, which has been embraced by all, is that Martin Luther once decorated the Christmas tree with stars in order to replicate the shimmer of stars for his children further strengthened the concept of Christmas decorations.

Electric Christmas lights became vogue in the 19th century after the invention of bulb by Edison. However, it was in the 20th century that the electric lights became a common feature in the American households. The hand painted white Christmas lights in glass bulbs in fruits and animal shapes imported from Japan were also extremely popular.

Mini white Lights from Italy first marked their appearance in 20th century from Italy. Bubble lights in a tube filled with liquid in the same period also became quite a rage.

Today, there is an unspoken competition among the people to make their decorations stand out by using eclectic dazzling lights .

Basically, Christmas lights can broadly be categorized as:

C-7 and C-9 Lights
These are the most common lights used for outdoor purposes that are run at 5-10 watts. They can be white Christmas lights or colored light also.

Mini Lights :
Developed as economical alternative to the bigger C-7's and C-9's they can induce blinking, fading, twinkling, or chasing schemes in lights .

LED Christmas Lights :
They are light emitting diodes and not miniature incandescent bulbs. Illuminated by the movement of electrons in a semi-conductor material. The maintenance of Led lights is simple and they have a long life.

Below are given few of the popular Christmas Lights:

The charming wax candles bring the cheery spirit and fill in the warmth everywhere. The lighted candles represent the birth of Christ, his renewing light force that guides his followers along the righteous path that has been chosen by them. It is lighted to ensure a year of light, warmth and good tidings for the whole family.

Miniature Christmas Lights:
They are lovely sets of lights , which are available in different varieties like Red, white , Blue 100 Light Set with Green Cord, Multi Twinkle 50 Light Set with Green Cord, C7 Bulbs and Cords etc.

Night Lights:
Bright luminous night- lights in forms like Bubble Night Light , Porcelain Holy Family Night Light , Reindeer Night Light and Santa Night Light will add that special touch in your celebrations.

Replacement Christmas Light:
Flicker Flame Light 3-Pack and White Frosted Teardrop Lights 5-Pack can be brought to induce positive cheers all across.

Bubble Light Night Lights:
Retro bubble lights where a steady stream of bubbles percolates to the top of each lamp are extensively used in the households.

Rope Lights:
These lights can be mounted using a mounting track or mounting clips. Variety of beautiful motifs such as snowflakes, stars, palm trees and more are available for the discerning customer in the market.

Novelty Christmas Lights:
They are apt to make the statement and strengthen the holiday spirit. Available in fancy names like Moravian Stars, Starlight Spheres and Flower Lights they will surely bedazzle the spectator.

Commercial White Christmas Lights:
Animated display for the city streets, parks, malls, hotels and building fronts in exciting forms and shapes is great Christmas idea.

Net Lights:
They are used to adorn the trees and shrubs and add the Christmas spirit all around.

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White Christmas
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