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Lemax Christmas Village

Adorn your hearth and fireplace, for Advent's here! Check out Christmas Carnivals for information on Lemax Christmas Village. To begin with, Lemax is a household name with most of us, being one of the leading manufacturers of wooden crafts and that of other material.

About Lemax

Operating since 1990, Lemax is one of the most famous creators of lighted villages, accessories and figures. The Lemax Christmas Villages are known for their high quality. Lavish and colorful, their products will make your Christmas décor all the more attractive. Their products are made of wood, Styrofoam and other kinds of material.

Lemax Products

The four-tier Small Mountain Display Platform with built in trails is available in white, brown and gray tones. Made of high density Styrofoam, it is also available in white, brown tones and gray tones. The platform comes of help both for Halloween or Christmas Village Layouts. All you need to do is, just place your accessories, hide the wires and sprinkle a little moss or snow around and it all blends in great. One can display the platform anywhere and according to any village design.

Have fun with all the possibilities the 4 Tier Display Platform offers. You can also go in for the Village Boats, carved intricately out of wood that is burnished to give the impression of a reality that's tempting, for it makes you want to have it for yourself.

Santa's Workbench Gazebo is a white wooden structure that is Santa's work-station. Here he makes sure all the children's requests are catered to and that all of them are presented loving gifts. Bounded on all sides by a red bow and a wreath of ivy, there's snow even on the rooftop and branches of the tree.

The Lemax Christmas Outhouse shows you a small carved structure of rugged wood with a snowcapped roof and colored Christmas lights. There's a Christmas wreath too on the front door to welcome all! Try going for other curios like the Stacked Firewood and Firewood Rack.

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