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Coca Cola Village Christmas

If you and your family folks are
in love with coke and you can't imagine a day without having coke, you must be a compulsive
coke freak. Pay tribute to your hot favorite, this season by opting for some of the most happening vintage Coke collectibles in Town.

Coca Cola Village Christmas can light up your festive season and you can be rest assured of the fact that if you gift it to any of the coke freak clan members; they would treasure and cherish it as much as you would.

This can serve as an excellent Christmas shower not only for coke lovers but for all, in general. Lots of Christmas villages are available in the lead stores of the town and lots more galore on the sites. But the speciality of the Coca Cola Village Christmas collectibles is that they are authorized by the Coca Cola Company and are crafted with cast resin and hand painted to lend a different feel. But a very bad news has hit the markets that Coca Cola would be retiring their Hamilton Collectibles, Bradford Exchange and Hawthorne Village Coca-Cola collectibles by 2006. So, you can't afford to while away too much

time pondering over which collectibles to grab and which to reject cause by the time you are through, they would no longer be available. So, order now for the collectibles and the collections, if they are of interest to you. Most of the vintage Coca Cola images are selected from The Coca-Cola Company archives and are specially hand crafted. You are likely to stumble upon free accessories, if you opt for some of the holiday buildings that are mostly sculptured and illuminated from within, with detailed interior images with some of them flaunting their three-dimensional features in style. Some of the most popular collections and collectibles are as follows: -
  • Coca-Cola Hawthorne Village Holiday Express Train
  • Coca-Cola Hawthorne Village Jingles Dept Store
  • Coca-Cola Hawthorne Village Jolly Diner
  • Coca-Cola Hawthorne Village St Nicks Pharmacy
  • Coca-Cola Hawthorne Village Theater
  • Coca-Cola Hawthorne Village Fire House
For more details on Coca Cola Village Christmas log on to our site Christmas Carnivals.

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