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Christmas Trivia

People across the world celebrate Christmas with great fun and fervor. Christmas or 25th December is considered the starting of Christian year. It continues up to 6th January. It is known as the Epiphany day. People in England were unable to celebrate Christmas from 1558 to 1829. During this period, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ was written.

Interesting 12 Days of Christmas Trivia

  • In the pear tree, there is a partridge. This partridge stands for Jesus Christ.

  • Two turtledoves symbolize Old Testament and New Testaments.

  • Three French hens symbolize faith, hope and love.

  • Four calling birds stand for four gospels.

  • Five golden rings symbolize first five books of old testaments.

  • Six geese symbolize six days of creation.

  • Seven swans symbolize sevenfold gifts of spirit.

  • Eight milking maids represent eight beatitudes.

  • Nine dancing ladies symbolize nine fruits of spirit.

  • Ten leaping lords symbolize ten commandments

  • Eleven piping pipers signify eleven faithful disciples.

  • Twelve drummers stands for twelve points in Apostle Creed.

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