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Christmas Tradition in Ukraine

hristmas is the festival of joy and celebration. Christmas symbolizes spreading love and peace among fellow human beings. Christmas gifts are the ideal way to express love to your loved ones. Christmas gifts are one of the major attractions. But, commercialization has made Christmas gifts quite expensive. Instead of expensive Christmas gifts, you may also go for Christmas greeting cards.

Real Christmas gift is the one that reflects love. Christmas decoration is also one of the significant components of Christmas Eve. Beautiful Christmas tree is decorated with stars, bells and gifts. Scented candles, balloons and flowers also play significant part in Christmas decoration. Interesting Facts about Christmas Tradition in Ukraine

The major celebration on Christmas Eve is the Sviata Vechera also known as Holy Supper. Sviata Vechera celebrations started with arrival of first star in evening sky. This star stands for the trekking of three wise men.

The head of family brings sheaf of wheat or didukh. Didukh signifies the spirit of grandfather.

The father is the first to say Christmas greeting, Khristos rodyvsya. Meaning of Khristos rodyvsya is that Christ is born.

All the family members answered him by saying Slavite Yoho. It means let us glorify him.

After Sviata Vechera, entire family sings Kolyadky. It is a famous Christmas carol in Ukraine.

On January 7, Christmas is celebrated in Ukraine.

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Last Updated :- 15 December, 2014

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Christmas Tradition
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