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Christmas Tradition in Switzerland

Christmas is one of the most joyous occasions. It marks the birth of Jesus. Christmas symbolizes love and peace. Christmas gifts are the ideal way to express love to loved ones.

People exchange beautiful Christmas gifts during Christmas party. It is an ideal occasion to express your feelings for your loved ones.

Due to consistent enhancement in commercialization, Christmas gifts are getting quite expensive.Christmas decorations and Christmas recipes are also major components of Christmas celebrations. People decorate Christmas tree with beautiful Christmas light, stars, bells and candies. Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the world.

Interesting Facts about Christmas Tradition in Switzerland

Beautifully dressed small kids visit homes with beautiful gifts a week before Christmas day. Ringing of bell is become a custom. Villagers of distinct villages compete while calling people for midnight mass by ringing the bell. After midnight mass, homemade doughnuts are shared among family members.

On 6th December, Chlausjagen festival or feast of St. Nichohlas is celebrated.

A Swiss person eagerly awaits the arrival of Christkindli. He distributes Christmas gifts among people.

There is one special fairy tale tram in Zurich. Santa visits on this tram along with little children.

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Last Updated :- 15 December, 2014

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Christmas Tradition
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