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Christmas Tradition in Sweden

Exchanging of Christmas gifts during Christmas is regarded as one of the most interesting and beautiful custom. Christmas gifts are the ideal way to show your love and care for near and dear ones. But, commercialization has changed the entire scenario. Nowadays, Christmas gifts are quite expensive. In case, you are unable to buy Christmas gifts then you may also send a Christmas greeting card.

Christmas gift cards are also gaining immense popularity. Christmas decoration is another major component of Christmas celebrations. Beautiful Christmas tree is decorated with beautiful Christmas lights, stars and bells. People across the world celebrate Christmas in different parts of world in accordance with their traditions.

Interesting Facts about Christmas Traditions in Sweden

On 13th December morning, the youngest daughter of family puts on white robe along with red sash. She also wear evergreen crown. Tall-lighted candles are also attached to it. In Sweden two days before Christmas celebrations, Christmas trees are found in their homes.

Christmas decoration is one of the major components during Christmas celebrations. People decorate their houses with candles, Swedish flags, straw ornaments and apples.

A friend or relative dressed up as tomte or Christmas gnome.

Lye-treated codfish is the traditional Swedish Christmas recipe. Categories Of Christmas Tradition :

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Last Updated :- 15 December, 2014

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Christmas Tradition
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