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Christmas Tradition in Mexico

Christmas is celebrated across the world with immense joy and happiness. It is one of the most
joyous and celebrated occasions.

The real spirit of Christmas lies in beautiful Christmas decorations. Beautiful Christmas trees are bought for Christmas decoration. These Christmas trees are decorated with stars, gifts and bells.

Christmas gifts are one of the major components of Christmas celebrations. But, commercialization has changed the entire scenario. Christmas gifts are quite expensive and becoming unaffordable. A true Christmas gift is the one that reflects your love. If you want to save money, then you may go for homemade Christmas Gifts. Moreover, they are ideal way to reflect your love and warmth.Interesting Facts about Christmas Tradition in Mexico

Christmas celebration in Mexico is known as La Posada. It is religious procession.
People carry images of Joseph and Mary to different houses searching for shelter.

On Christmas day, small kids are asked to break clay piñata. During this game, kids are blindfolded.
There is also a midnight mass service known as la misa del gallo. It is also referred as rooster’s mass. People attend this grand celebration.

Santa Claus is not quite popular in Mexico. But, the traditional flower represents the red suit. This bright red flower is poinsettia.

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Last Updated :- 15 December, 2014

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Christmas Tradition
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