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Christmas Customs

Christmas customs
Christmas marks the arrival of holiday season. People all over the world celebrate Christmas with great fun and fervor. It is a festival of joy and happiness.
Christmas gifts are one of the major attractions of Christmas celebrations. People give beautiful Christmas gifts to their loved ones. But, commercialization has changed the entire meaning of Christmas gifts.

About Christmas Customs :

  • “Jingle Bells, Jingle bells; jingle all the way”, perhaps whenever you sing the song, you are taken back to the pomp and enjoyment of Christmas customs.

  • Christmas is the greatest festival of the Christian community and also ranks among the popular festivals in the world. Celebrated on the 25th of December every year, the festival marks the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ. Different countries have their own Christmas customs which provide an insight into the local traditions and culture.

  • In most of the countries across the world, Christmas is celebrated with fun and frolic. Most countries declare holiday on Christmas Day. The pleasant weather in the month of December also adds more charm to the mood of the customs. There are certain customs which are almost same in all the counties.

  • The main Christmas custom that is practiced world over is church celebrations. At the hour of midnight, people gather in the churches and cathedrals and take part in the prayer ceremonies. The prayers are held to mark respect to Jesus Christ. Christmas choirs are sung in the church and everyone gets blessed by the priests. At the Vatican, the Pope blesses the whole world and delivers his speech.

  • Gifts and decorations are also a major part of Christmas customs. Friends and family members exchange greetings and gifts among themselves. Gifts which are given to the children are credited to Santa Claus.

    Christmas customs
  • Children believe that Santa Claus, the Father Christmas, comes to them and gives various gifts and blessings. In almost all Christian households, children decorate Christmas trees with lights, nativity scenes, holly leaves, red stocking and other items. Bells are erected on the doors and chocolates are distributed.

  • Perhaps the most enjoyable thing about the Christmas customs is the celebrations. In most families, the members have traditional dinner together.

  • A popular traditional dish is roasted turkey or chicken with potato salad and local rice. Refreshing drinks like rum, wines or sodas, beer and other forms of liquor and cocktails are also served.

  • Children and young people celebrate the event by bursting fire crackers. Various cultural events and functions, dance events and other entertainment events are also held to mark the day.

  • Like most festivals, shopping forms an integral part of Christmas customs. The shopping season starts few weeks prior to Christmas. Almost all shops starting from departmental stores, malls to road side ones offer rebates and discounts. The dining hubs prepare special delicacies for the season.

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