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Wham Last Christmas

Wham Last Christmas refers to the Last Christmas song by British Pop duo, George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, who together formed the band popularly known as Wham in the United States. The song was released on Epic Records in 1984. Around that time the lyrics for Christmas songs in Britain were not much happening.

Use of same words of Christmas with same instrumental interlude had become monotony for past many Christmas. At this onset when sound effects of sleigh and bells seemed a bit innovative, a new Christmas song theme was being planned strategically to draw in the festive market.

Wham was an important name in the arena. The news of a new Christmas song almost triggered a battle between Wham and its other contemporaries. This is how Wham Last Christmas came into being.

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, who called themselves Wham, have sung varieties of songs. Every song they did ranges from fun and dance songs like Wham Rap, Wake Me Up Before you Go and Ray of Sunshine, to the more serious toned songs like Everything She Wants, Where did your Heart Go and Careless Whisper.

Last Christmas gave Wham's Epic, their record label, its second more than one million single selling in history. Its first such selling was that of Careless Whisper. Although Wham Last Christmas never got to Number One position in UK, it did make to number one and spread its popularity in various other countries.

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