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Saosin Mookies Last Christmas

Saosin Mookies Last Christmas refers to the Christmas song by Saosin that got released in 2003. The song got released under the compilation track "A Santa Cause: It's a Punk Rock Christmas", of the Saosin band. The song has vocals by Anthony Green, who was the earlier lead vocalist of the Saosin band.

Saosin band originally formed in California in1993. It's a post- hardcore band with current five members namely Cove Reber as lead vocalist, Beau Burchell as guitarist, Justin Shekoski as another guitarist, Chris Sorenson as Bass guitarist and Alex Rodriguez as drummer.

Saosin band is characterized by its unique musical genre accompanied by vocal performances that are sung intermittently with whispers and screams. The other features include specific rhythm and loud guitar instrumentation. Saosin Mookies last Christmas is a perfect blend of all these features.

The band Saosin is pronounced "say-ocean", which is a Chinese proverb and means ‘small heart'. However, the most accepted pronunciation and the one used by its members is "say-oh-sin". The latest album by Saosin is "Saosin". The idea behind keeping such name for the band is to spread the message to keep your hearts small because nothing lasts forever and you may lose anything eventually.

Saosin Mookies Last Christmas is worth listening for a wonderful and memorable Christmas. It would remind you not only of last Christmas but many Christmas of the past.

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