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Christmas Carnivals » Easter » Greek Easter

Greek Easter

Greek Easter is fast approaching and it brings along a wonderful time to enjoy and have fun. The celebrations are marked off by lots of preparations that are made well ahead of the fiesta. In fact the people gear up for the fiesta two months ahead of the Mardi gras. The Greek people indulge in various religious practices and observances during the grand celebrations.

Greek Easter is just the right time to have a pleasurable time by being a part of the various Easter plays, folk dances and various other fun filled activities that take place in different parts of the country. The Greeks regard Easter to be an important celebration and observe religious customs and traditions that are a part of the fiesta. During the Holy week of Easter people fast and throng the churches to offer prayers in praise of Christ. Mass prayers are also held in the churches.

The most crucial part of the Greek Easter is the delicious recipes that are prepared during the fiesta. Every single day has a recipe each made to honor the resurrection of Christ. The entire family relishes recipes like the delectable cookies that include "mageritsa," “Tsouréki” and Koulourakia. These are beautifully adorned on the table and made to appear attractive. The people in many ways enjoy Easter. One of the customs followed is giving of gifts and this is done in the most delightful manner.

The elders believe in gifting personalized Easter candles to their kids on Easter. Going to various exotic destinations the people enjoy their celebration. Apart from going to various destinations the holidays are also spent in learning to make interesting crafts, watching movies and reading books. The kids indulge in solving puzzles and enhance their creative skills. Hence Easter in Greece is a great time for fun and merry making. Stay tuned to Christmas Carnivals to know more about Greek Easter.

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