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Christmas Carnivals » Easter » Greek Easter Customs

Greek Easter Customs

The people in Greece follow various customs and traditions to make the occasion unique and special. The people follow various customs that commence with the Holy Thursday. This day is considered to be auspicious as the people bake special Easter breads that are known as tsoureki and the people also dye Easter eggs in red color.

Easter comes during the spring season when everything seems to appear fresh and lively. The fresh flowers like the lilies, daisies and daffodils make the celebration vibrant and brings everyone into cheerful spirits. Although Easter comes subsequent to the full moon of the spring equinox the people do not observe Easter on the same day since the Julian calendar is applied to calculate the actual date of Easter

One of the major Easter customs observed by the people is coloring and dying Easter eggs. The eggs are generally colored red in color symbolizing the resurrection of Christ and they also represent the appearance of Christ from his tomb. The Greeks believe dedicating every Sunday to the honoring of Christ. The Greeks begin following their customary rituals from the commencement of the Lent season since many people observe a fast during this time. The Saturday that is also known as the Lazarus Saturday the kids pay a visit to the various houses that are a part of their locality singing the famous hymns and at the same time collect eggs and money.

The people follow traditional customs and the Good Friday is set aside for grieving. In order to mark the death of Christ the people on this day prepare a soup that comprises of sesame-paste, lettuce or lentils with vinegar. The Greek Easter remains unfinished without the traditional recipes. The people also attend the midnight service on the Holy Saturday and light up massive bonfires in the churchyards. The Greek Easter customs hence add in charm and zest to the celebrations.

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