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Christmas Carnivals » Easter » Easter Greek Candles

Easter Greek Candles

The Greek people regard Easter to be the most important celebration and celebrate it with immense joy and fervor. The Greeks follow various customs and traditions related to the fiesta and also observe various religious practices. A few days ahead of the grand celebrations the people start their preparations by indulging in various activities that make the occasion more joyous.

These include gift giving, purchasing new clothes, making delectable recipes and visiting churches to offer prayers in praise of Christ. Special prayers are offered by lighting candles and the people also attend the mass gatherings that are a part of the fiesta. The people observe various customs and traditions and one of the most vital customs is gifting Greek candles to acquaintances and to younger people in the family. Candles are a great way to allure people and look attractive when lit in the churches on Easter.

The Greek Easter candles are commonly known as paschal candle and they signify the augmentation of Christ. The candles are generally utilized during the grand celebration of Easter that comes fifty days ahead of the fiesta. The Easter candles are immensely huge that come engraved with a cross and the date of the existing year in Greek. This symbolizes the presence of Christ and makes us realize his presence forever. The center of the candle has a picture of the five grains of aroma that represent the five wounds of Christ. The picture also has pins and nails attached to it. On the Ascension Day the candle is doused off.

The candles are lit and continue to be lit throughout the fifty days of the celebration of Easter. In order to remind the Christians about the sacrifices Christ gave to humanity the candles are lighted at sacraments. In fact the candles like the paschal candles are lit in Christian funerals. Parents present a candle known as 'Labatha' to their kids on this special occasion of Easter. These candles come with the various pictures that amuse the kids and they can also be personalized. For the Greeks the fiesta remains unfinished without these unique and extraordinary Greek Easter candles.

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