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Christmas Themed Wedding

Christmas Wedding Theme
Marriages and Christmas often make soulful mates. So, when the dewy – eyed soul mates decide to tie the knot, with none other than God as the witness, nothing on earth can stop these lovebirds. A wedding is as much a rite de passage as any other initiation ritual. Therefore it serves right if an occasion, like Christmas, is adopted as the wedding theme.

For about half the world's population, December 25th bears special significance. Once the very spirit of the day is becomes the wedding theme, matrimonial connotations start meaning serious. Couples aspire to emulate Scriptural tasks for, in a world where things fall apart, who can they come home to if not their spouse?

List Of Christmas Wedding Themes

At Christmascarnivals, you can opt from a host of themes.
  • If you are going for an Arthurian wedding at Christmas, both of you simultaneously dress as Arthur sporting the Excalibur, and Guinevere.

  • The groomsman wears the look of Sir Gawain. Pageboys and flowergirls take on the looks of the Green Knight, or simply that of Santa's helpers.

  • The Christmas cake is the wedding cake, with figurines of the couple, candle sticks, colored glass bulbs resting daintily on the edges.

  • A Christmas tree at the altar, reindeer pulling a sledge on the lawn are the themes of the day.

  • Children singing Christmas ditties remind guests of both the season, and the occasion.

  • You can also go ahead and use snow flakes for the decoration, you can decorate your party hall with artificial snow and snow flakes. The whole place will look very beautiful and it will remind the guests of the Christmas as well.
Christmas Carnivals is here for all you aspiring hubbies and lovely wifeys! Get a spectrum of Christmas themes to select from at your wedding. Get blessed by the Virgin Mary and the Son Himself on the most cherished - for moment of your life. Christmascarnivals proudly offers a vast horizon of Christmas themed weddings. So then, go for it, and get the best deal! Enjoy the festive season, and celebrate Christmas Weddings with Christmas Carnivals.

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