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Christmas Tree Ornament

An ornament can be defined as an accessory used to beautify an appearance. Ornamentation of Christmas tree is done to enrich its attractiveness.

One cannot think of decorating the Christmas tree without Christmas tree ornaments. A Christmas tree ornament could be any small or big shinning object that can be hanged easily on the Christmas tree. These ornaments create a magical touch to the wonderful Christmas tree. Some ornaments are very delicate while there are still some Christmas tree ornaments that are not so delicate. Whether or not the ornaments are delicate, you should take proper care while hanging them on the tree so that they do not fall and break.

To adorn the Christmas tree, you can either buy new ornaments or can use the ones you already have. You can buy few ornaments each year and can keep adding them to your collection. There are many people who have received the Christmas tree ornaments from their parents or grandparents. On Christmas when they take out these ornaments, old memories bubble up and they get nostalgic feelings of the wonderful past

Here is a list of some special and evergreen Christmas Ornaments.

  • Glass ornaments
  • Hand-carved nutcrackers, smokers, and pyramids
  • Beautiful Angels
  • Charming Willow Tree figures
  • Holiday dishes
  • American-made china tabletop
  • Santa and snow people ornaments
  • German Glass Christmas Ornament Bells
  • Christmas Cross Ornament With Flower Accents
  • Gold Glitter Flying Butterfly Christmas Ornament
  • Christmas Dolls.

Origin of Christmas Tree Ornament

Earlier, Christmas tree was decorated with roses, wafers, nuts, lighted candles and sweets, for their ornamental nature. By the nineteenth century toys, bells, garlands and paper were used as décor. The ritual of decorating the Christmas tree is believed to have started in Germany in the sixteenth century. Germany provided the world with the bulk of its ornament production. Here read more about German Ornaments.

The tradition of ornamentation spread to Western Europe in 1840 and by 1880, it was a big hit across the world. Germany faced virtually no competition until 1925. Then Japan began producing ornaments in large quantities for export. Czechoslovakia also entered the field with many fancy Christmas Ornaments. By 1935, more then 250 million Christmas tree ornaments were being imported to the United States

Slowly and gradually, Christmas ornaments became more expensive. They started coming in myriad varieties too. Stiff pun glass appeared as angel and butterfly wings; tinsel was used on fancy flower baskets, vases, air balloons and egg zeppelins.

Inspite of this, Christmas Tree ornamentation remains to be an embellishment for people all around the world.
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