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Christmas Tree Light

This Christmas add more sparkle to your life. The fairy magic stick might be your fantasy but the real fairy lights are already shining there to glisten your life for the whole year.

Christmas lights, sometimes called fairy lights or twinkle lights, are strands of electric lights used to decorate Christmas trees during the Christmas season. Christmas lights come in a variety of shapes and glittering colors .

Origin of Christmas Tree Lights:

  • Lighting up of Christmas trees started way back in the middle of the 17th century. Small candles were attached to the ends of tree branches with wax and pins.

  • The American custom of using electric lights began in 1882 when Edward Johnson an associate of Thomas Edison, hand-wired 80 red, white and blue bulbs and wound them around a rotating evergreen tree. Then, in 1895, President Grover Cleveland set up a lighted Christmas tree in the White House and the general public began to notice. So began the tradition.

  • Starting of 1900 stores started putting up large illuminated trees to attract customers. High society parties also followed on this trend.

  • The person responsible for popularizing Christmas tree lighting is Albert Sadacca.

Types of Christmas Tree Lights:

  • Strings and Bulbs

  • Strings and bulbs are the kind of lights which are attached with a string of wires, you can either go for same color strings or you can also opt for different colors of strings, which would look very beautiful.

  • Net Lights

  • As the name itself suggests Net lights are basically spread in a net like structure, you can hang these net lights anywhere and they will look very beautiful. They create a starlit effect.

  • Mini Lights

  • The other variety of Christmas lights are the beautiful Mini Lights, which look very beautiful, you can decorate your christmas tree with these mini lights.

  • LED Lights

  • LED lights use approximately 60% less energy and are equally baeutiful. They also come in variety of colors and shapes. So this Christmas decorate your house with LED lights and save some energy as well.

  • Theme Lights

  • Next comes the theme lights which are based on specific themes and colors, if you widh to decorate your house with a particular theme then these theme lights are meant for you. You can opt for either a star theme or a fish theme.

  • Rope Lights

  • Rope lights are the most common and most popular of all. As the name itself suggests these are the lights which are attached with a rope and are arranged in a particular pattern. They look very beautiful on a tall Christmas Tree.

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