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Christmas Tree Farm

With the commercialization of Christmas and increasing expenses in making an artificial Christmas tree, owning a real one is more than a possession. While some people are interested more in deforestation, Christmas Tree Farming seems to be a silver lining. There are quite a pretty number of Christmas Tree farmsacross The United States and UK.

Christmas Tree Farm

Plantation time and other details:

  • March is planting season, however, it takes 7 to 15 years for Christmas trees to grow anywhere tall enough to sell.

  • Beginning in mid-June, after the trees grow fully, shearing begins. Each tree is sheared by hand, top to bottom, by workers wearing long sleeves, hats, and gloves regardless of the heat. A five-acre farm might have 3,000 trees, and it takes several minutes to shear each one.

  • Shearing gives the bush the beautiful shape of Christmas tree.

  • The top branch of the Christmas tree, where the angel goes, is called the leader. The length of the leader determines the actual shape of the tree and quite often it is responsible for the sale of tree.

Visit To a Typical Christmas Tree Farm:

  • A visit to a Christmas Tree farm is like visiting a shop, like a shop you can select a Christmas Tree of your choice and take it home.

  • Every Christmas Tree farm has a particular schedule which it follows so before visiting any farm just check the schedule of that farm, it might be organizing some thing in the weekends.

  • You have an option of taking a hay-ride to reach the farms, where you can find the trees. You can also get into a tractor-pulled wagon to reach the fields.

  • After reachimg the fields you can choose your favorite Christmas Tree and cut it with your own bow saw. Just take care that you choose that tree which can grow in your area, for instance you may like the pine tree but it may be possible that pine doesnot grows in your area so you should opt for the tree which grows well in your area.

  • After cutting the tree, you can bring it back and the farm workers will bale the tree for you, which you can bring to your home and decorate.

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