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Christmas Oregon Trees

Since 1850 Christmas trees have been sold in United States. California, Oregon, Michigan and Washington are some of the top Christmas tree producing states. Of all these states Oregon is the leading producer of Christmas trees. More than a variety of Christmas trees are produced in the region of Oregon.

Christmas trees are mechanically planted in late winter and early spring. Oregon is not only the producer but also the supplier of Christmas trees.

The white house Christmas trees and the national Christmas trees in Washington.D.C. are all proudly owned by Oregon. Oregon is the source of grand Christmas trees all over the world.

Characterstics of Oregon Trees:

  • The sierra fir prelighted Christmas tree features extra branch tips and a dense constellation of lights. This Christmas tree has long-needle branches that make this Christmas tree look thick and lush.

  • The white Christmas tree has white branches with clear mini lights and is mostly found in Oregon.

  • The Oregon prelighted Christmas tree has long needles that are sure to feel soft on your fingertips when you touch this Oregon Christmas tree. This Oregon Christmas tree has forest green branches with a hint of emerald including clear mini lights.

  • The Oregon fir slim Christmas tree has a very fine color and bright lights to make it look attractive on Christmas.

  • The Christmas is sure to be a memorable one with Christmas tree decorations.

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