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Balsam Christmas Trees

Balsam Christmas trees spill the festive magic unlike anything else available. It is the most aromatic of all firs. Its dark green color and aromatic fragnance makes it the best Christmas Tree. It is a beautiful pyramidal tree with short, flat, long-lasting, aromatic needles So, bring them home and decorate your home with fresh Balsam Christmas trees. Let the fragrance spread around. What better time to do so than this Christmas!

Here are some of the characteristics of Balsam Tree:

Balsam Tree Image
  • The scientific name of Balsam tree is "balsamea". It is an ancient word for blisters and Balsam tree is named so because of the many resinous blisters found on the bark. It has also been sometimes referred as “Blister Pine”.

  • The tree grows 40-60 feet in height and can live at the sea level to 6,000 feet and is 1- 1.5 feet in diameter.

  • It is generally found in the Canadian and Hudsonian zones at an average height of about 5,000 feet above mean sea level.

  • It grows well in cooler climates with well moist sandy loam soil that are somewhat acidic in nature.

  • A humid atmosphere is required for favorable growth.

  • It is a small to medium-sized tree used primarily for pulp and light fame construction, and is one of the best Christmas-Tree. As a Christmas tree, it has various aspiring properties. It has a dark-green appearance, long-lasting needles, and attractive fir.

  • It also retains its pleasing fragrance.

  • It takes nine to ten years in the field to produce a 6-7 foot tall Balsam Christmas tree.
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