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The Toy That Saved Christmas

It's time, for all of us to realize and internalize the real meaning of Christmas. An earnest attempt to bring the real picture to the forefront was made by a computer animation video “The Toy That Saved Christmas” which was released in 1996 under the direction of Chris Olsen and Phil Vischer.

It attacked the commercialization of Christmas in all its forms and with the help of a simple story line it tried to appeal to people's conscience.

The story goes like this: -In Dinkletown, nobody really understood the meaning of Christmas cause Mr Wolly Nezzer,the owner of the toy factory (and also the owner of the Broadcasting Company) was hell-bent on selling the particular toy he was launching for that year's Christmas. Buzz-Saw Louie, his Christmas hot favorite instigated children to beg their parents to buy them more and more toys when his nose was pressed and he also had an inbuilt saw in his arm. This saw in his arm was basically symbolic of the greed and avarice that has gripped mankind in general.

So engrossed are we in our own worlds that we tend to relegate the pains of others to the background. But a miracle happened and one of the Buzz-Saw Louie toy's refused to comply to the norms his master had designed him for. He along with his friends Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and Junior Asparagus finally succeed in spreading the message of Christ that Christmas is not about only receiving gifts and presents, its more about sharing our gifts with less fortunate brothers of ours. In this dispassionate world of ours, very rarely do we think of those who can't even imagine in the wildest of their dreams to have a square meal on the Christmas Day. Let's reach out to the one's who really need our affection and assistance.

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