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Robosapien V2

If it is a toy, you'll let your kid have it. If it isn't, forget it. This is precisely the universal feel that prevails among most parents. Christmas Carnivals brings you information on Robosapien V2 for an engrossing computer fixture that'll blow your mind away.

Robosapien V2 is a software-generated robot that responds to all your commands, functions, capabilities, or technical queries
We can give you the information you need if you have a problem in grasping the functions, are curious about what the V2 can or cannot do, or want the latest tips and tricks on this fascinating new robot.

Robosapien V2 has a lot of built-in intelligence. For example, if you hold one of his red bowling pins close to his face, he'll respond with a cringe or balk and the turn his color camera on to try and identify the object. Once he sees that it's his bowling pin, he'll ask it from you and grip it in his hand. Then he will look to see if there are any other bowling pins directly in front of him. If there are, he'll put the one he is carrying down next to them. You can make a video of the Robosapien V2 that is controlled by your voice so that you can watch it. The features include ability to sit down, stand up, and even lie down. The hands have been redesigned for greater dexterity. It can pick up heavier objects than the original and can tell when it has successfully grabbed an object or not.

More excitement, plenty to expect…. with Christmas Carnivals Robosapien V2!

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