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Pixel Chix Houses

Here's Christmas Carnivals Pixel Chix Houses offering details of Pixel Chix Houses for all toy enthusiasts out there. This product features a fun and totally unique 2-D girl living in a 3-D world. Push the buttons on her handheld house to interact with your Pixel Chix pal so that both of you can decide together what to wear, what to do and where to go.

More fun and choices await you through 5 levels of play that's meant for ages 6 yrs. and up. The colors may vary.

A pared-down version of The Sims computer game, Pixel Chix provides grade-school girls with a playmate whose every move can be controlled. Residing in a palatial Beverly Hills mansion, this Pixel Chick is a 2-dimensional LCD image imposed on a background with 3-dimensional furniture. With 5 action buttons on the front you can program the Pixel Chix pal to play, eat, change, go out, or go to sleep, and "yes" and "no" buttons to let her answer the Pixel Chick's questions. As long as girls are playing with their chick, she is happy; but once ignored, she gives her owner a lot of attitude by anxiously tapping her foot and clearing her throat.
However, neglecting the pal causes her to lose all her possessions and, eventually, her screen darkens and she splits. Connecting two Pixel Chix houses lets virtual friends visit one another while hooking three or more together causes the pals to have a multi-caller phone chat or perform a dance together. While thoroughly entertaining for young girls, parents may tire of hearing the loud conga music or the word "Fabulous!" spoken over and over again. The house runs on 3 batteries, which are included with purchase.

Find out all about Pixel Chix Houses at Christmas Carnivals.

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