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Hot Christmas Toys

Its Christmas again, and for kids what is Christmas all about but gifts and especially toys. Here is Christmas Carnivals offering you information on the latest and the hot Christmas toys this season, so that you can bring that million-dollar smile on the faces of your little angels in Christmas.

Toddlers: If your child is a toddler, the hottest Christmas toy for him/her can be the laugh and learn musical chair. The chair can be a constant companion for your kid as unlike ordinary chairs it can interact and has the mechanisms with which your child can learn words and their opposites or begin the counting lessons while playing. The music blocks, which are available in various shapes and mechanisms, can also be an attractive gift for the little angels. They usually have certain inbuilt tunes of some famous Christmas carols and songs, which acquaint your kids with the Christmas spirit at an early age.

Girls: For girls Barbies have an everlasting appeal. The Barbie Pegasus Annika is the latest in town. The doll like the princess and has a magical glowing wand as its accessory. This Christmas you may also fulfill your daughter's long cherished desire to own a doll's house. These houses are quite portable but are charming with their miniature kitchen filled with appliances, a master bedroom with an elaborate bed suitable for a princess and several other furniture and furnishings to make it nothing less than a real house, except of course for the size. If your daughter is fascinated with the world of fairytales, make it real for her with the Cinderella set. The lovely illuminated set features a pumpkin shaped carriage, drawn by horses and as the princess steps on the carriage the twinkling lights display their full radiance and you may imagine the effect is breath taking. Besides these there are the Butterfly Island set, which are also included in the list of the hot Christmas toys.

Boys: Boys generally are more inclined towards toys, which are fast paced like racing cars, planes and robots. This Christmas there is a host of such hot toys for you to gift your son or brother. The speedway racing cars are always favorite toys for Christmas. This set include a criss-crossed racing track and racing cars, which ones given a strong push activates the engines and the magic begins. The Knight's Empire Castle can also be in the list of hot Christmas toys for boys. This building set comes with a lot of accessories, which include a mysterious secret trapdoor, a working drawbridge, a working catapult, and a dungeon. If your son is fascinated with the mobile phones, you should not disappoint him this Christmas. ChatNow is here to help you gift him a mini cell phone by which the kid can talk to his friends over a distance of two miles.

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Christmas Toys
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