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Zoob Car Designer Kit

Just like the variety of the creative toys available for boys this Christmas, the Zoob Car Designer Kit can also make a very nice gift for your son this Christmas. Boys' love for the racy cars has been age old and with this kit they will experience the excitement of constructing it themselves.

Here is Christmas Carnivals offering you information on the various kinds of Zoob Car Designer Kit.

These designer cars come along with a 75 piece designer kit, which includes 12 wheels and tyres. These pieces should be adjusted and used in various ways in order to build cars of various kinds. The kit comes along with a manual, which provides you with instructions of designing 13 different vehicles, which include the Outback Cruiser, the Wheeler Flatbed and the Gear Getter; however, this is a set, which is suitable for the boys above 6 years of age. Besides this the other features of the Zoob Car Designer Kit is that it the cars can actually move after they have been built.

It has five essential pieces, which can be made to rotate and move in various different directions. Since there is no bound rules to make a car or no fixed designs to follow, the boys find it really encouraged to try out their unique designs that they think will make the best and smart looking cars. See your son at his creative best with the Zoob Car Designer Kit.

The Zoob Car Designer Kit can really make an ideal gift for your son and brother and see how they revel in their creativity. Celebrate this festive season with Christmas Carnivals and browse through other links on this site to find out more on the Creative Christmas Presents for Boys.

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