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Geomag Panels

The present trend of gifts to be given to boys during Christmas has changed from being merely objects of play to the creative builder sets, which they can use for making new and interesting objects of play. Here is Christmas Carnivals offering you information on one such builder set, the Goemag Panels.

A revolutionary invention is the Geomag Panels which are essentially interconnected bars held together with the help of magnets, with which you can build several 3 dimensional geometric figures like the cubes, squares, pyramids and triangles. The Geomag Panels add a new dimension to the creative skills of the young boys. The panels comprise of the brightly colored translucent shapes, which can be inserted between the spheres and the bars and makes it an interesting object of play. You can manipulate the size of the figures and build smaller shapes with in the same way, which will be very cute to look at as well as very playable. The main function of the Geomag panels is to add stability to the compactness of the figures that are built. The Geomag Panels are considered to be highly effective stress relievers and are highly engaging and creative toy to keep the restless boys stay glued to their work for hours. The Geomag Panels are available in various shapes like the triangles, squares, and diamonds. There is also a 46 piece Geomag Goepanel set available, which includes brilliant transparent rods, chrome spheres, triangles, squares, diamonds, and a pentagon, which is brilliantly colored in red, blue, green and yellow colors.

The Goemag Panels can be greatly engrossing and creative. So get your loved ones a set of the Geomag Panels and see his creative skills flourishing. Celebrate this festive season with Christmas Carnivals and browse through other links on this site to find out more on the Creative Christmas Presents for Boys.

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