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Fairy Princess Kit

Sitting beside the green meadow your little daughter dreams of the prince riding on a white horse back sailing through the winds will come across her and take her to the land of wonders and beauty. She nurtures a secret wish of becoming a princess so that her dream prince finds her in all aspects beautiful and elegant.

Although this seems to be a bit fantasy on your daughter's part but dreams are like mountains that has no limits. Fairy princess kit may give your daughter a chance of getting herself ready with the look of a fairy so that her dream prince may not come across any obstructions to find her.

An enchanting outfit will provide your daughter with the pair of wings to fly across the land of wonders and dream. Give this fairy princess kit to your daughter as a birthday gift or to give her a pleasant opportunity to dress up in the cutest manner in her fancy dress party. Your young fairy princess will find everything to create a wonderful and enchanting outfit to grace the Christmas occasion in this fairy princess kit. The ingredients included in the fairy princess kit are wand, tiara, wings, glitter glue and an instruction booklet. An attractive plastic box enveloping the kit materials looks to be a gateway to the world of dreams and beauty. In order to collect more information on fairy princess kit log on to our site Christmas Carnivals.

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