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Youth Christmas Plays

Youth Christmas Plays
When the holiday season comes around, there is nothing quite like youth Christmas plays to help remind us of the light-hearted joy it ought to bring. No matter how much time youíve spent waiting in line at the local shopping center or how stressed youíve become with year-end duties at the office, an hour watching the gleeful performance of several children will restore your spirit. Of course, if you are the one organizing the show, it can raise your blood pressure a bit!

If you are looking for some ideas about what to put on, weíve collected a few options here that range from a ten-minute one act to a longer play with several stanzas. In most cases, these are designed for a church setting (where most performances take place), though many could easily be adapted for a more general audience. Take a look:

Shepherds on the Hillside

Just before the angel of the Lord appears bringing the news of Jesusí birth, this one-act play shows the conversation between the shepherds. Designed to be brief, itís a perfect introduction to a larger show involving adults.

The Christmas Caravan

Audiences of all ages will enjoy this humorous story of the Three Wise Menís camels coming together for the 25th anniversary of the big night. Everyone will enjoy a few laughs as the Nativity is seen from a different perspective.

A Heartfelt Christmas

Children will immediately identify with the lead character of this story, as she loses her hamsters on Christmas Eve. A metaphor for the heart of the Father, it is evident by the end why God would send His Son to set humanity free.

Song of Mary

Based on the Nativity Story as told in Luke, we are invited to watch as Mary describes the events surrounding Jesusí birth on that fateful night in Bethlehem. Thanks to its authenticity, the play has an air of reality despite the centuries that have passed.

Three Shopping Days Till Christmas

If you are tired of retail stores and advertisers having so much influence on the Christmas season, you will love this retelling of the ancient story with a contemporary twist. After years of seeing the true meaning of the holiday brushed aside, this play brings it right back to front and center.

When Worlds Collide

Created to blend old Bethlehem with a 1940s detective movie, a private investigator searches the town trying to figure out the mystery of the Three Wise Menís disappearance. As he reports his findings to King Herod, he comes to grips with the reality of whatís happened.

Jason's Gift

This half-hour play is set in a busy Bethlehem inn. Jason, a young child, senses something incredible is on the horizon and, when a pregnant woman and her husband arrive looking for a room, he urges his father to give them the barn. The miracles unfold from there, not least is a new closeness between Jason and his father, Isaac.

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