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Short Christmas Play

Youth Christmas Plays
Good Christmas Plays along with green pinecones, twinkling lights and holiday cookies enhance the jolly mood of Christmas.

Short Christmas Plays are the ones that are performed in a short time span may be twenty to thirty minutes.Given below is a list of Short Christmas Plays.

Short Christmas Plays

Put a glance on the listings and see if the theatre near you might be putting one on:

Angels With Paper Wings

This short Christmas play of twenty minutes takes place during the dress rehearsal for a Christmas pageant. Things are not going well. Two performers become angry with the stage manager. But the Gold Angel and the Silver Angel helps them to realize that personal problems can disappear in the joy of sharing.

Gift of the Magi

O. Henry's holiday favorite is recreated in this touching short Christmas stage play of thirty minutes. Jim and Della are newly wed. Both have vivid imaginations about their forthcoming future. But then hard times come. Christmas approaches with little money at hand. Jim and Della each end up selling their most valuable possessions in order to buy other's Christmas present. The ironic O. Henry ending is both humorous and bittersweet as both characters discover a more realistic world dominated by their love.

Jason's Gift

This short Christmas play of thirty minutes opens with a Bethlehem inn run by Isaac and his wife Sarah. The inn is filled with travelers who have come to pay taxes to King Herod. Helping them is their son Jason, who always cares for the guests. A day comes when the sensitive Jason feels something special will happen. A man comes with his wife who is about to give birth arrives at their inn. Through Jason's insistence, Isaac allows the couple to stay in their barn where one miracle leads to another. The birth of a baby brings Isaac and Jason together.

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