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Christmas Plays for Kids

Christmas Plays for kids
Christmas is a very special time for the kids. They enjoy a long winter vacation in school during the Christmas time. Hence they spend the holiday time watching various Christmas plays held in their neighborhood.

List of Christmas Plays for Kids

Christmas Plays for Kids generally feature Christmas related stories from the Bible.

Various Christmas stories and myths are dramatized in an easy way so that the tiny tots understand as well as enjoy them.

Given below is a list of top Christmas Plays for Kids.

Someone Has a Birthday

This is a Christmas musical where the kids share great fun singing the songs and ringing the bells as they celebrate Jesus' birthday with a Christmas party at the manger. Some are dressed like the angels who handle the invitations, some are dressed like the shepherds who clean and decorate the manger and some are decked like the wise men who offer presents to baby Jesus. The star leads the wise men to a barn in Bethlehem at Christmas where Someone Has a Birthday.

Papa Martin's Christmas

This beautiful play is based on Tolstoy's classic tale about a shoemaker who dreams that Jesus is going to visit him the following day. He spends the day watching and waiting amid a few interruptions from people needing his help. At the end of the day he feels sad that Jesus didn't come to visit, but hears the Lord telling him "What you did for others, you did for me."

Someone is Coming to our House

It's the Christmas story as seen through the eyes of the animals of the stable where Joseph & Mary came to stay. Gabby is the pink flamingo that is busy preparing for Christmas. But her friend Minnie Moo (the cow) tells Gabby about a different way to prepare for a very special someone. Gabby does help in the skit by singing a stanza from various Christmas Carols.

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