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Christmas Plays for Children

Christmas Plays for Children
Christmas is an exciting time for the children. They enjoy a long winter vacation in school during the Christmas time. Hence they spend the holiday time watching various Christmas plays held in their neighborhood.

Christmas Plays for Children confer clear ideas about various Christmas legends depicted in the Bible.

Christmas Plays

Given below is a list of top Christmas Plays for Children

Have You Seen Christmas – This Christmas play is centered on a young boy searching for Christmas. He faces difficulty finding anyone who can tell him where to find it. This skit is written to be performed by young people. Jamie a teenage boy is the main character. Young children dress up and provide a tableau of a nativity scene that is revealed on stage at the end of the play. The action takes place in front of the stage with the nativity scene set behind the curtains until the end. The children who make up the nativity scene sing out the carols.

Manger Mania

– This is the story of Christmas told in a unique fashion through the perspective of each of the pieces of the nativity. In this musical, animals that were displaced by the birth of Christ are featured. The "cool eastern guys" outwit the nasty Herod. It's a Christmas party like you've never seen before.

Christmas Tales for Children

Papa Martin's Christmas – This beautiful play is based on Tolstoy's classic tale about a shoemaker who dreams that Jesus is going to visit him the following day. He spends the day watching and waiting amid a few interruptions from people needing his help. At the end of the day he feels sad that Jesus didn't come to visit, but hears the Lord telling him "What you did for others, you did for me."

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