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Christmas Plays Stories

Christmas Play Stories
Christmas is a great time for mirth and merry-making. Various Christmas play and skits are organized during the holiday time for complete fun and entertainment.

List of Christmas Play Stories

Organizing a Christmas play within a few days prior to Christmas is not an easy task. The Christmas Play Stories need to be read beforehand by the actors.

Provided below are some well known Christmas Play Stories that can make good Christmas plays.

A King is Born by Heather Cooper

This is a sequel to "Worthy is the Lamb". Hugh and Justina fell in love in "Worthy is the Lamb". In "A King is Born", they are married and expecting a child around Christmas time. The story is set in the historical context of the Baron's Revolt in England in the mid-1200s. Ranulph de Burgh's leadership in the revolt makes life dangerous for his unborn grandchild and heir. Hence Hugh and Justina are forced to flea their home as Justina is due to give birth. They gain a new understanding of the plight of Mary and Joseph as Mary gives birth to Jesus, and for God's faithful provision to those who trust Him.

Joe and the Night Visitor by John McNeil

This is a Christmas play for those who don't believe in Christmas. Joe Davidson is a self-made man. Born into a poor family, with hard work he has made a name for himself as a property developer. But the property is now owned by the City Mission, which uses it as a community drop-in center. The conflict comes to a head when, on the anniversary of Miriam's death, Joe receives an unusual night visitor.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

The play is about a miserly old man, Ebenezer Scrooge, who believes that Christmas is just an excuse for people to miss work. Buying gifts on this eve is a waste according to him. The three ghosts show Scrooge his mistake in valuing money over people. He realizes his fault and says, " Merry Christmas" to everyone.

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