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Christmas Play Scripts

Free Christmas Plays
Christmas is the perfect time for merry making. Various plays and skits on Christmas themes are organized during the holiday for fun and entertainment. It is a tough task to organize a Christmas play few days prior to the festival. The scrips of the play need to be arranged properly and read by the performing actors.

Famous Christmas Play Scripts

Some of the well–known Christmas play scripts are listed below for the easier understanding of the performers.

Shoemaker and the Elves, Puppet Play

The script follows the traditional fairy tale plot and includes the visits of a hungry traveler with whom the couple had to share the last of their meager food, two thoughtless and unkind customers and many wonderful elves. The underlying moral of the story is 'What goes around, comes around'.

A King is Born – A sequel to "Worthy is the Lamb"

"Worthy is the Lamb" interprets the love story between Hugh and Justina. They were married and expecting a child around Christmas in "A King is Born". The story is set in the historical background of the Baron's Revolt in England in the mid–1200s.

The life of the unborn grandchild and heir of Ranulph de Burgh became dangerous due to his leadership in the revolt. Hence Hugh and Justina were forced to flea their home as Justina was due to give birth.

Joe and the Night Visitor

Both elders and younger people of the community perform in Free Church Christmas Plays. People of all age and sex take equal enthusiasm in being a part of the play. It has often been noticed that the elders help the children by directing the play whereas the children stands as the perfect performers to convey the message of the stories.

Script of a Free Church Christmas Play

It is a popular play for those who don't believe in Christmas. The story of the play is based on the life of Joe Davidson, a self–made man. Born into a poor family, he was compelled to work hard and after a lot of struggle he prospered as a property developer.

But to his misfortune, the property was used as a community drop–in center, owned by the City Mission. The conflict came up on the anniversary of Miriam's death and Joe received an unusual night visitor.

Popular Plays based on New Testament Stories

Some of the popular plays based on New Testament Stories include:
  • Anna of Nazareth
  • The Best in the Book
  • Dog in the Manger
  • The Gardener's Tale
  • The Nativity Problem
  • Peter's Tale
  • The Soldiers' Tale
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