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Christian Christmas Plays

One of the biggest traditions of the holidays is Christian Christmas plays. Every year, every church finds a way to recreate the story of Jesusí birth in some way or another. Itís one thing to have a sermon about the relevant Scriptures and a whole other teaching opportunity when the story is told in a visual form. Truth be told, people learn better when there is a visual component, so you donít want to miss the chance to share the reason for the season in a meaningful way.

If you are the one in charge of this yearís production, then you probably have your hands full! There are a lot of questions to consider: Do you want to do a children-only performance? Are there separate services for parents and kids? How much room is there on the stage? Should the content stick to the Bible itself or be more of a modern fable reflecting the events? All of these issues will affect the type of play you select. Once you understand them, youíll be ready to gather your actors, get the costumes and build the set.

Having trouble picking one out? Here are a few to help you get the ball rolling:

The Best Party Ever
An offering geared toward children but appropriate for adults, this play centers around the Christmas Fairy teaching a class to kids at a school in a magical realm. The students are unaware of Jesusí birth Ė the holiday doesnít even exist Ė and soon learn good gifts and great food are only a small part of it.

Try as you might to make changes, advertisers and retailers are doing their best to keep your congregationís focus on the shopping. This longer production turns the Biblical narrative of the prophets to center the audience on the message beyond Jesus being born in a manger to the greater salvation offered through his death and resurrection at Easter.

Three Shopping Days Till Christmas
Much like our previous offering, you will find the underlying theme of this play exposes the true importance of Christmas. However, this tale uses a modern retelling of the classic story to push the hot toys and expensive gadgets to the side.

The Christmas I Remember
Three adult sisters gather with an aunt after the death of their mother to piece through an old trunk of holiday decorations, talking about memories of the season from growing up. This is a great way to give your audience the chance to reconnect with whatís important during a hectic time of year.

Voices of The Living Nativity
There are dozens of variations on how to go about creating a way for people to encounter the wonder and awe of Jesusí arrival in Bethlehem, but a Living Nativity is the gold standard. The production can be as simple or as complex as you like, depending on the availability of materials

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