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Ornamental Christmas Trees

Ornamental Christmas Trees

Reinvent the holiday magic. Make your Christmas trees ornamental by adorning it with Christmas curios and impressing your friends and family. Christmas Carnivals is here with an exclusive collection of ornamental Christmas trees. An ornamental Christmas tree has to have the perfect shape, smell, texture and density.

About Ornamental Christmas Trees

  • A real Christmas tree can be ornamental when ornamented with unique Christmas gifts such as dolls, toys, the 3 stars of Christmas, and gifts for all members of the family.

  • Used as an ornamental landscape tree, the Colorado Blue Spruce makes an excellent living Christmas tree with its blue-gray to silver color, this tree glows in a natural conical shape.

  • The Arizona Cypress has a steeple shape, and is green in color. It is an aromatic tree found along the southern and eastern regions of the US.

  • The Balsam Fir has a pyramidal shape. It is dark green in color, with long lasting needles. It is a fragrant tree popular in Canada and some areas of the US.

  • The Douglas Fir is a bluish green pyramidal tree. One of the most popular Christmas trees, it has a subtle sweet smell.

  • The upward branches of the Fraser tree are also favored as a Christmas tree, with its strength in retaining lights and heavy ornaments. The branches are used for Christmas roping.

Other trees used are the Noble Fir, Eastern Red cedar, Leyland Cypress, Virginia Pine, Scotch Pine etc. Log on to Christmas Carnivalsfor a pleasant experience in shopping for ornamental Christmas trees.

Tree ornaments include

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