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Irish Christmas Ornaments

If you're Irish- like my English teacher or just a bit, it's got to show! Christmas
Carnivals brings you a whole new range of Irish Christmas ornaments for yourself to pamper.

  • The Lucky Snowman Ornament is a transparent ice figure dressed in green woolens.

  • The Stained Glass Irish Angel Ornament features a bell shaped curved pattern done in green.

  • The Claddagh Ornament is a round medallion depicting the mottos of Love, Friendship, and Loyalty.

  • The Luck is a symbol of family faith and the spirit of Christmas done in small silver chains.

  • The Celtic Cross Prayer is a beautiful Cross done in white sparkling beads.

  • The Assistant range includes Santa, Angel and Snowman ornaments, showing these icons in groups of 3.

  • The Irish Sweater Ornament is a pullover done in white having a pine embossed, all coupled with a green-red hat and stick.

  • The Porcelain Playing Angel and the Celtic Cross Ornaments with Shamrocks and Gold Trim are delicately designed collectibles.

  • The Irish Claddagh to Bless Your Heart is carved out of capiz shells painted in cherry colors and trimmed in brass.

  • The Irish Candy cane is a white and green candy shaped like a ‘J' done upside down with a bow tied right in the middle.

  • ‘God Bless This Home' Glass Ornament is meant to bring good luck to your home and hearth.

There are other Irish ornaments such as the Celtic Cross Capiz, the Musical Porcelain Angel with Shamrocks. Visit Christmas Carnivals for more.

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