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Willow Nativity Scenes

Willow Nativity Scenes are quite common. Willows are a type of deciduous trees, which have immense medicinal values. We find references of the willow trees in the ancient texts of the Assyrian, Sumerian and Egyptian civilisations and even the famous Greek physician Hippocrates indicated it as a medicinal plant with great healing properties as early as the 5th century BC.

The Weeping Willow is widely planted as an ornamental plant and is said to be a hybrid between European White Willow and the Chinese Peking Willow.

As far as Nativity Scenes are concerned, the extract of the willow bark are often solidified to form figurines of angels, palm trees and the like. Many a times, a whole estate collection is made out of this extract. If you are keen on getting wooden figures for your nativity scenes, this Christmas, you can try your hand at some of the awesome willow figurines available in most of the lead Christmas stores. But trying to make the figures at home might get a little tough cause not everyone is trained in the art of sculpture. Sculptors can afford to try their hand at making some of them, which would be to their liking.

Willow Nativity Scenes are an ideal for outdoor decorations. If you have decided to decorate the garden or the lawn with the Nativity Scenes, you can afford to go for huge, human sized figures, which can be made of willow. Willow leaves can also be used to make the arch, which can serve as the halo behind Jesus and Mary while the twigs ands the lichens can give your manger a worn out look. The willow angels and 6 piece sets are quite common and are found in all the lead stores of the town. Add a touch of glamour to your Willow Nativity Scenes by lining them with lights.

For more details on Willow Nativity Scenes log on to our site Christmas Carnivals.

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