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Christmas Nativity

Celebrate Christmas this year with some of the scenes of the birth of Christ brought to your mind by Christmas Carnivals Christmas Nativity Scenes. Nativity conveys the message of the Child to every Christian. Luke 2:17 spells, "The shepherds told everyone what had happened and what the angel had said to them about this child".

A Nativity scene refers to the depiction of the birth or birthplace of Jesus. In Hispanic countries like Spain, it is called Belen which means Bethlehem. Christian Nativity scenes, like paintings, drawings and icons, show Mary and Joseph in a barn and Jesus in a manger. Cattle like cows, sheep, mules and other beasts are also depicted, according to the depictions found in the Apocrypha. Sometimes, the scenes also feature the Magi, shepherds, angels and the Star of Bethlehem. Traditional scenes that show the shepherds and Magi together are not true to the Bible story, since the Magi arrived much later (Luke 2:7-16).

The "German Nativity Scene" built in the 1960s it stood under the Christmas tree for many years. It captures the wonder of the Holy Night. For the inn in the "Oriental Nativity Scene", white marble bricks are used exclusively which helped reproduce the white buildings made of marble or limestone bricks which were to be found in Israel. The cold, white form is also used to symbolize man's rejecting, unapproachable hearts. The Attica made of granite and the closed oak door underline this impression that closed doors, indifferent hearts - a "cool", "clean", well ordered life needs no Savior. Woods from various countries symbolize the "Good News", that has since then been traveling around the world. In contrast to the inn it is a primitive stall with doors ajar. Nothing is "clean". Yet God, mankind and creation are one, as in times long past. Shepherds kneel with wise men in front of the Child - the King.

The words from Luke 2 are spoken to the shepherds. Nativity Scenes vary from Stall Nativity, Cave Nativity, Wall Nativity, House Nativity, apart from the Roman, Romanic and Jewish types. The season and occasion of Christ's birth is commemorated at Christmas Carnivals Christmas Nativity Scenes.

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