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Christmas Myths

Christmas Myths refer to the various mysterious legends and folklores associated with Christmas. In today's hustle and bustle world and with the rampant materialism of Christmas, it is nice to know popular Christmas Myths and stories.

Some well-known Christmas myths and stories are narrated below. You decide what is fact or fiction or myth when the mysteries behind the Christmas traditions unfold.

The birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th of December – The actual Christmas history does not mention the exact date of birth of Christ. Christmas was not celebrated during the first two centuries after Christ's birth for its pagan origin. In 325 A.D Constantine, the first Christian Roman emperor officiated 25th December as the birth of Christ.

St. Nicholas or Santa Claus The modern Santa portrait by Coca Cola links to the Germanic myth of St Nicholas, as a bringer of gifts. St. Nicholas was born in Asia Minor and was said to have traveled to Egypt and other places as well. He loved children and visited their homes leaving gifts. The legend of the Christmas stocking is also linked with St. Nicholas.

Christmas Tree – The present day Christmas tree also goes back to the worship of sacred trees by various religions. The Romans adorned their house with evergreens during Saturnalia, The Druids worshipped the oak tree and the Egyptians worshipped the palm tree. The tradition of Christmas trees in modern Christmas was inherited from them. Twelve Days of Christmas – Another legend linked to Christianity is the popular Christmas carol, The Twelve Days Of Christmas. It is said that during the period from 1558 to about 1829, this carol was used as secret way for Catholics in England to teach their faith to their children.

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