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Christmas Messages

There’s nothing quite like getting cards from loved ones filled with Christmas messages of good tidings and well wishes. Truly, in the midst of a hectic holiday season, a brief break to read a few words from a cherished family member or far away friend will always warm your heart. These reflective pauses are an ideal way to bring the important things to mind when the quest for an ideal gift or preparations for a large feast occupy our thoughts most.

When the time comes for you to address the letters you plan to send, it’s tempting to get wrapped up in crafting the perfect saying, but you don’t have to! There is no need for you to write the flowing prose of Steinbeck or elegant poetry of Shakespeare. Simply stick to these three tips and you will get through them in no time:

Tips to write Christmas messages

Get yourself in the mood
As December 25th nears, it’s easy to feel worn down by all the responsibilities of the holiday season. If you’ve just got home from another marathon Christmas shopping session, you might not want to push off the cards for another night. Resist the temptation! Find something to put you in the mood – your favorite festive songs and a cup of hot chocolate, for instance – and give yourself a couple minutes to reset. Before long, you will be glowing brighter than a strand of Christmas lights and finishing notes by the handful.

Tell them how everyone is
Figuring out what to say seems like a bigger challenge than it ought to be – most people just want the details about you and your loved ones. Though you might choose to go a different route with those who see your family often, most people will be happy to have an update on all the goings-on in your household. The bigger the news you have to share, the better. (Just don’t brag too much.) It might seem odd, but it is a very real way for them to feel connected despite the mileage and commitments that separate you.

Get them back in touch with the important stuff There is no time of year more likely to try the patience of family members quite like the holidays. Something about cooler weather and close proximity makes it easier to lose your temper with people you might otherwise shower with appreciation. Relationships – peace on Earth and goodwill toward men – are the key to happy days throughout the year, so give your recipient a gentle reminder of what matters most. Be considerate and careful – you don’t want to end up starting a problem by accident!

Bring up a shared memory
Over the years, even the closest relationships become stretched by the business of life. Siblings and close friends need to know you think about simpler times fondly, so bring up an old laugh centered around the Christmas period to make them smile. If none jump to mind, scribble out a line from an inside joke – something you both found humorous before other “grown-up” concerns took over.

Christmas Message Ideas :

  1. May your days be happy, your heart be light, And may your Christmas be joyful and bright!
  2. May the magic of Christmas be with you in every season.
  3. Warmest thoughts and kind wishes for a wonderful Christmas!
  4. God gave us His greatest gift! Celebrate and be blessed!
  5. May your heart be light and your season bright! Merry Christmas!
  6. May the colors of Christmas joy stay in your hear forever!
  7. Wish you and family a Merry Christmas!
  8. Christmas Day with mirth and pleasure, comes again with wondrous pleasure!
  9. May Jesus bring joy and peace in your life this Christmas.
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Last Updated :- 5 December, 2011

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