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Christmas Island

Christmas Island located in northwest of Perth is the bird watching wonderland of Australia With dense rainforest and diverse species of flora like ferns, orchids and vine groves Christmas Island offers a breathtaking beauty amidst pristine landscape.

Christmas Island provides a perfect breeding environment for a wide variety of sea birds. There are eight species or sub-species of seabirds residing on the island. The island shores are dotted with Red-footed Booby. Abbott's Booby one of the endangered species nests on tall trees of the western, northern and southern plateau rainforest. The endemic Christmas Island Frigate bird flies on the blue sky offering a panoramic view.

Christmas Island can also be termed as kingdom of the crabs. Crabs take shelter in every nook and corner from the shoreline to the top plateau. The most famous of crabs is the Red Crab.

Christmas Island offers some wonderful walks through the beautiful forests, as well as exciting adventure sports like diving, fishing, surfing and snorkeling. There are also other unique places to explore on the fun during Christmas vacations. One of them is the Christmas Island national Park that is truly termed as the ornithological garden of Even.

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