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Christmas In July

An idea of celebrating Christmas in July seems to be a vague thought. After all, how can one think of celebrating Christmas of a cold winter night of December 25 in a hot and dry month of July?

But, what if the Christmas season arrives in July? All your preparations would be left in limbo, you would start rushing to buy gifts and perhaps you would hunt all the market places in your city for an artificial Christmas tree. However, you don’t have to worry a lot as, the Christmas of July is already around.

Christmas in July is usually seen as a marketing opportunity when people take a day off from work to go shopping and partying. It is an unofficial holiday celebrated mostly by youngsters. During the month of July when Sun is too harsh with its heat, most of the people long for rain and much cooler temperatures. Holiday spirit accompanied by gift giving drives them to party, which mimic the celebration spirit of Christmas and hence, we come across Christmas in July.

Features of Christmas in July include, Santa Claus, ice-creams and other cold foods, and gifts. It is a time to pamper yourself when most of the shops announce “Christmas in July” sale. Inspite of such benefits, some people do not celebrate this time and for them, it is far less important than Christmas of December.

With the commercialization of Christmas festival, many people’s interests are deviating from the real spirit of Christmas, which is to spread the message of love and peace. At this onset, Christmas in July seems to be an alluring time. However, the period of advent, birth of Jesus, the twelfth day of Christmas and the Easter are some essential parts of Christmas that is surely not going to be there in the month of July.

Enjoy the festive season with Christmas Carnivals.
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