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Christmas holiday is not simply a faith but a worldwide phenomenon. The origin of the festival can actually be traced back to the pagan era even before Jesus Christ was born. The winter solstice was celebrated in ancient Rome and Greece with a lot of pomp and splendor. It is the New Testament that refers to Christ or ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ as the ‘Son of God’.

December 25th celebrations welcome 15 days of Christmastide, joy and festive spirit. Children look forward to gifts, traditional conifers, tuck shops, greeting cards and most importantly the much awaited Christmas break.

Christmas holiday celebrations are marked across the world with different local traditions in keeping with local beliefs and customs. The midnight mass organized at the St. Paul’s Church in the Vatican City is an annual affair where the presiding Pope prays for mankind. The festival today is synonymous with greeting cards, gift baskets, mistletoes, parties and holiday tours.

Set out on family tours to exciting destinations in Mexico, Lapland, Germany and London. Book a Luxury Sea cruise and welcome the spirit of goodness in style on board a luxury liner. Dine on exotic cuisine and dance through the night on Christmas Eve. Enjoy shopping for special winter gifts for near and dear ones in special Christmas markets. Buy attractive Christmas holiday cards and write warm personalized messages to those who matter.

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