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Christmas Family

Christmas Family
Christmas ranks among the famous festivals in the world. It marks the birth of Jesus Christ and is the greatest event of the Christians. The event is celebrated with great pomp in almost all parts of the world. Christmas family celebrations form a major part of the enjoyment and also bring to light the rich customs associated with the event.

About Christmas Family

  • In most countries, Christmas Day remains a holiday and so all the family members enjoy together. It is an auspicious day for Christians and so they try to celebrate the event together among family members and close friends. By celebrating together, family members make the event more delightful.

  • Prayer services and greetings form a major part of the family celebrations. At the midnight hour, all family members go to the churches and the cathedrals and take part in the prayer services.

  • The prayer services, which are held to respect Jesus Christ, are managed by the priests. After the prayers are over, family members exchange greetings among themselves. Children and young people sing hymns and choirs.

  • Decorations form an integral part of family Christmas celebrations. Children decorate their Christmas trees with lights, bells, red stockings, holly leaves and other ornaments.

  • Nativity scenes are also decorated. Members exchange gifts among themselves. Some common gifts consist of coffee mugs, caps, showpieces, chocolates, cakes and other items. Members wear new clothes and jewelry.

  • Celebrations are synonymous with Christmas family events. In all Christian families, all members have their lunch and dinner together. There are certain traditional Christmas dishes which are prepared.

  • Some of the common delicacies include roasted turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas pie, potato salad and so on. To add to the taste, wine is also served.

  • Different cultural performances are also held. Children make dramas and acting of the various scenes from Christís life. In some families, dance events are also held among family members. In the evening, many family members go out together and enjoy. Children burst fireworks and make merry.

  • Family Christmas events are a wonderful way to get the real fee of Christmas. They really bring that personalized touch and make you enjoy to the fullest.

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