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Christmas Carnivals » Christmas Creativity For Kids » Christmas Color-Me-Clean Tub Paints

Christmas Color-Me-Clean Tub Paints

If your kids are scared of water and throw up all kinds of tantrums while taking a bath, we have a suggestion for you. Try out Christmas Color-Me -Clean Tub Paints. They are absolutely irresistible and kids love them like hell. You will see your kids craving to take a bath once you have introduced them to Christmas Color-Me -Clean Tub Paints.

They come in vibrant and striking colors and are absolute hot favorites. They are available in a smear able medium and the ingredients that are required to prepare the same are readily available in the house. So you won't have to spare extra efforts to collect them from the stores. They are non-toxic and child safe and can easily be removed from the tub by applying a little bit of soap.

Materials that are required to make them are 1-teaspoon cornstarch, cup liquid hand soap, clear or white and food coloring or Tub tints.

Procedure: -

Combine the soap and cornstarch in a container. Divide the mixture into separate containers and then add one-drop of tub tints or food coloring at a time. Preferably divide the paints into a muffin tin or ice cube tray, which would serve as an instant palette. Preserve the leftover paints in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a maximum of three days. Do test the darker hues before applying them on to the tub or body, as they are difficult to remove. Pep up your Christmas with Christmas Color-Me -Clean Tub Paints.

For more details on Christmas Color-Me -Clean Tub Paints log on to our site Christmas Carnivals.

Creativity for Kids

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