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Christmas Carnivals » Christmas Creativity For Kids » Christmas Chicken in a Box

Christmas Chicken in a Box

If your kids are too young to participate in a Christmasplay or a fancy dress competition, don't lose heart. There are thousand and one ways by which he can keep his family members amused throughout the holiday season.

Make him a Christmas Chicken-in -a - Box and let him be a party to the fun, this festive season. If you are already stressed out with the Christmas preparations and there is hardly any time at your disposal to spare, we have a solution for you. Making a Christmas Chicken-in -a - Box is extremely easy and takes below an hour to make. The ingredients are basic and you don't require skill to execute it. Raw materials required are Construction paper, Lone Ranger-type mask, Large corrugated cardboard box, Masking tape, Utility knife and Scissors.

Get hold of a large box that is big enough to cover half your child's body and tear off the bottom flaps of the box. Cut out rectangular wing flaps on the sides but make sure that they are a little longer than your child's arms and directly across from each other. Leave the tops of the wings attached to the box at the shoulder line. Cut out a descent rectangle on one side of the box, large enough for your child's head to pass through but small enough to prevent the costume from slipping off your child's shoulders.

Cut out of yellow construction paper like a bunch of feathers and using masking tape, attach one row of feathers on the bottom of the box and then overlap it with as many number o rows as required until the box is completely covered. The tail can be cut out of a scrap piece of cardboard and be layered with feathers. To top off make a chicken mask by taping a construction paper beak and feathers to a store-bought Lone Ranger mask.

Slip over the costume and you kid is a Chicken already.

For more details on Christmas Chicken-in -a - Box log on to our siteChristmas Carnivals.

Creativity for Kids

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