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Christmas Carnivals » Christmas Creativity For Kids » Christmas Catnip Mouse

Christmas Catnip Mouse

Christmas is the time to have fun and make merry. It calls for celebration and the festive spirit and cheers are visible on the faces of everyone. Holiday thrills are found to be lurking behind every shadow and the chill in the air sets a mysterious atmosphere.

While everybody is busy unwrapping his or her showers and trims, there sits your pet cat growling at every passerby cause nobody has given him anything for Christmas. If you are close to your pet and if your pets a cat, nothing can get better than Christmas Catnip Mouse. Encouraging him to prey on a live mouse is really bad and nasty but indulging him to nibble at a fake mouse would do no harm to anybody. Gift your cat a Christmas Catnip Mouse this festive season and the twinkle in his eyes and his playful exuberance would be indication enough for you to understand that he is way too gratified

Materials required: -

Child's sock, Plastic from milk jug, Fresh or dried catnip, Black embroidery floss, Darning needle, Cotton yarn, Felt scraps and Scissors.

Procedure: -

Cut off the toe section of the child's sock at the heel with scissors. Cut out two mouse ear shapes from the felt scraps and cut a teardrop shaped piece from the plastic stock. Put the plastic teardrop into the sock to give it the shape of a mouse and fill up the rest of the space with dry, crumbled catnip leaf. With the darning needle and the cotton yarn seal the open-ended face of the sock. Make a tail by twisting up wool or cotton yarn and stitch it onto the bottom. Sew on the felt ears and make whiskers with embroidery floss.

Your Christmas Catnip mouse is ready to be handed over to your little poochy.

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Creativity for Kids

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