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Christmas Candy Cane Card

With Christmas round the corner, address books occupy the center stage. Christmas signals the coming of the festive season and every household is bombarded with lots and lots of Christmas Cards wishing festive cheer and a prosperous new year ahead.

This is a common feature and the very idea of exchanging Christmas cards are as old as Christmas itself. Over the years most of us have come to regard it as an integral part of the holiday traditions. But if you are tired of gifting similar looking Christmas Cards to your near and dear ones, we are here to help. Christmas Candy Cane Card can light up your festive season with thrills and you can get your naughty kids to prepare them in minutes if you show them how to go about it. Candy Canes have a very long lineage and symbolize Jesus (as their shapes suggest) standing for the purity and blood of Christ.

Materials required are Candy Canes, Ruler, Red card stock, Craft knife, Color-Aid paper, Non-toxic white glue and Markers.

Turn the red card stock into a card by making a crisp centerfold by placing a ruler where the fold will be and run the knife along the ruler without cutting through the paper and then fold the card in a half. Tear the Color-Aid paper into a rectangle to fit on the front of the card in such a way that the white borders show along the ripped edges rendering it the look of a pretty frame. Paste the rectangle onto the card. Apply glue to the cellophane wrapped candies and place them in a format so that they form patterns and designs.

Personalize the card by dedicating it to the person you are gifting it to.

For more details on Christmas Candy Cane Card log on to our site Christmas Carnivals.

Creativity for Kids

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